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Welcome to Craig's Corner

Letter from the Founder & CEO

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"One of the drawbacks of hiring family and friends is the misconception by others that these individuals were chosen solely because of genetics or familiarity and with no consideration for their skills. I want to tell you that in my case, this is farthest from the truth. When your home, belongings, future and family are at stake, your standards for employee and support selection are much higher than those standards held by others with less to lose. In my world, there is no favoritism toward employees or family, only favoritism towards those who work hard, respect others, treat everyone with compassion, speak to others without condescension and with a supportive tone, and have the same passion for supporting the mission (no matter what the mission may be) as I do. And to be honest, I’m blessed to have a company that has resulted in favoritism toward everyone."

Carol Craig
Founder & CEO, Craig Technologies

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 October 2013 09:18

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